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Our business was formed in April 1993 by Nigel Apps, under the name "The Cruise Control & Alarm Specialist" then incorporated in July 1994 as Cruise Control Specialists Pty Ltd.

The first expansion program took place in August 1994, with the appointment of our first full time technician, making it two mobile services available. The name was changed to CCS Technology Pty Ltd in early 2000, to accommodate the vast array of products and services offered.

Nigel Apps - Managing Director, formally the Sales and Marketing Manager for Zemco Australia, also handled most of the technical enquires and all the ‘on road’ repairs of Zemco Cruise Controls in NSW. Nigel has over 15 years experience with Cruise Controls, including all the major brands both O.E.M. and Aftermarket.

Cruise Control Specialists began out of the frustration of seeing so many rough and dangerous Cruise Control installations, and in many of the cases by people in the Automotive industry that should have known better.Repairing other peoples' installations is still a small part of our business, however thankfully this is a reducing trend. This may be due to more companies staying away from the installations, or simply just calling in the experts. Approximately 30% of our work does come from sub-contracting to other firms.

Graham Bach, Director of the Command Auto Group, the sole importer of the market leading Cruise Control in Australia, is a keen supporter of the Cruise Control Specialists, due to our professionalism and work ethic in the way our products are handled and the high regard we have for our work.

It has become apparent over the last few years that many of our opposition’s installers and the companies themselves, have entered the cruise control market by receiving training or guidance from Nigel. Many companies now claim to be the best in the business, but have done the hard yards under our supervision. Cruise Control Specialists still maintain the edge when it comes to experience and professionalism in this extremely competitive market.

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